Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Santa Anna Tollway

Rick Perry's plans for border security:

Web cameras and quarter mile wide toll roads

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Texas Governor Rick Perry is touting Border Security with gimmicky Web cameras, while ignoring his own party's platform, which calls for scuttling Perry's $184 Billion Trans-Texas Corridor Plan.

With that in mind, it's worth resurrecting this comment from Peter Samuel of Toll Road News:

Santa Anna chuckling in his grave

Santa Anna must be chuckling in his grave at the coup at TxDOT. They have published a map reincorporating Texas into Mexico as its northeast province. [shown above]

Under the heading "Trans Texas Corridor - Mexico national highway system & railroads" they have a map of Texas and Mexico adjacent, their transport lines all aligned and coordinated, Texas itself protruding northeast of Mexico proper. None of the rest of the Union is in sight.

Where is Sam Houston when we need him?

Rolling in his grave, most likely.


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