Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Angry Texans Plan March on Austin May 3, 2005.

These folks won't back down-- and they're just getting warmed up.

Citizens Against the Trans-Texas Corridor is organizing a march on Austin and rally at the Capitol on Tuesday, May 3, 2005. Many other groups opposed to the state-sponsored land grab will also participate, including CorridorWatch.org. These are regular folks who have spent their own their own time and money to fight for the rights of all Texans. They are asking all concerned citizens to support them in their efforts.

According to a Corridorwatch press release, Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn will address the protesters. Houston Representative Garnet Coleman, author of House Bill 3363, will address supporters of the bill that if becomes law would require a two year moratorium on the Trans-Texas Corridor project and provide the opportunity for further public debate.

Rumor has it that Representative Mike Krusee, a chief enabler of the Toll-Road from Hell, is doing whatever he can to keep House Bill 3363 from being debated in committee. Krusee is Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation.

The Corridorwatch Press release states:
"Other state officials are slated to participate in the rally with County Judges and Commissioners from some of the 20 counties that have adopted Resolutions opposing the Trans-Texas Corridor. Joining in support of the rally are other statewide groups including CorridorWatch.org an organization with members in 149 counties. "

“We intend to demonstrate to our elected officials that a significant number of voters share very serious concerns about the Trans-Texas Corridor and the horrific impact it will have on our state,” says CorridorWatch co-founder Linda Stall of Fayetteville. 'Now is the time to heed that warning and slow down the rush to build something that so few understand and yet so many will suffer the consequences of.'”

For more details about the rally, click on the CorridorWatch web site.
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