Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Grassroots Road Warriors Rally in Austin

Anti super corridor rally in Austin, Texas (May 3, 2005).

Citizens Against the Trans-Texas Corridor sponsored a rally attended by several hundred representatives and property owners from various anti-corridor and anti-toll road groups.

Another blog, called Eye on Williamson County, has a great roundup of this event. You can read it by clicking HERE. Kudos also go to the Victoria Advocate for its coverage of the rally, which can be seen HERE.

People came from Austin, Houston, Dallas, and rural areas in between to voice their outrage over Rick Perry's incompetence, Mike Krusee's stonewalling, and Ric Williamson's arrogant prattle. The rally was a last-ditch attempt to get the Transportation Committee to take action on House Bill 3363, which would impose a two-year moratorium the Trans-Texas Corridor and allow for genuine public input. CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately, a spokesman for committee Chairman Mike Krusee had already said the panel didn’t plan to consider the bill.

The snide remarks made by Mike Krusee and Rick Perry's mouthpiece, Robert Black, are sure to fuel the backlash. You can read more about this by clicking HERE and HERE.

Rep. Krusee, you just ticked off a legion of voters who didn't even know you existed.

, as usual, you're doing a heckuva a job.

I guess the big donors think they can pull a fast one if their boys in Austin move quickly and keep the troops in line. They funded a campaign in 2001 to pass two constitutional amendments, Propositions 2 & 15.

Those stealth amendments authorized the financing mechanisms which allowed the Trans-Texas Corridor and other perpetual toll road projects to be foisted on an unwitting public CLICK HERE.

Propositions 2 and 15 laid the goundwork for House Bill 3588 in 2003. The corporate sponsors really shelled out the big bucks for that one.

House Bill 3588 gave Governor Perry's political appointees in the Texas Transportation Commission the power to use eminent domain to take your property and then lease it to favored business interests through Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDA). CDA's are often used with governments of third world countries who can't manage or finance their own infrastructure.

Rick Perry's March 2005 signing of the CDA with Cintra, a Spanish public works company, marked a new low for the State of Texas, but was hailed by his publicity machine as being "innovative."

You really 'wowed' us with that one, Governor Perry.

A toothless "Citizens Advisory Committee," created AFTER Perry and his pals signed off on the Corridor, will be used as a prop so they can say they received public input. How magnanimous they are! They didn't bother to ask
Texans if they even wanted this boondoggle in the first place.

Gee guys, thanks for that and the other TxDOT dog and pony shows you've put on. Throw us another bone, won't you? (click here)

Expect the likes of Perry, Krusee and Williamson to keep cramming this boondoggle down our throats. They think regular Texans should all just shut up and get out of the way. To hear them talk, it's all about the money.

They just don't get it. These folks aren't for sale.

As the crowd chanted "Impeach Perry!" silent Rick was nowhere to be found. He was out of touch, naturally, and out of reach from the REAL Texans pictured below:











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